Phone Scheduler is an appointment scheduling system that fully automates every aspect of the process for complete efficiency. Our software is unlike any other online appointment scheduling system in the industry, offers fully integrated solution of any device, anywhere, anytime approach. Therefore your customers will never miss an opportunity to make the appointment. Also your phone lines will be quiet and your staff can be efficient and focus on providing quality service to your customers.  Phone Scheduler streamlines the entire process and simplifies routine tasks that your administrative staff would normally complete. This software can be used for different industries including the medical field for patient appointment scheduling. See our full list of who can benefit from our software here.

Phone Scheduler offers automated self-serve appointment scheduling by your customers at any time (24/7) using below devices:

  • Using any phone (Landline, Cell Phone, VoIP)
  • Using any computer connected to the internet
  • Using any smart phones including iPhone, Andriod phones (does not incur any minutes usage)
  • Using any tablets or iPads having data plan or wi-fi coverage.
  • Using kiosks for walk-in customers at your office

Phone Scheduler automatically reminds your customers with upcoming appointments by multiple methods so that you will rarely see any no-shows!

  • Phone reminders with capability to leave a different message for human and answering machine.
  • SMS Text reminders with capability to send multiple messages in one go (so not restricted by 160 character limitation of Text)
  • Email reminder capability to send in both plain text format as well as HTML format with personalized look and feel to include your company logo and colors.

Phone Scheduler is 2-way communication meaning that we not only remind your customers but take input inputs from your customer in confirming your appointment. When reminded over the phone, your customers have the option to press the digits and select the response. When sent via Text reminders, your customers can send response back for confirmation or reschedule. Similarly with email reminders, your customers select the confirm or reschedule options by clicking the respective buttons embedded in the email.

Fully Customized Solutions

Phone Scheduler is a highly configurable software that can be customized to meet your personal business needs. We can fully customize this software with individual user accounts and many more specialized features. With Phone Scheduler software, your enterprise can reduce costs, eliminate cancellations and no shows, enhance business perception and improve office efficiency.