How it Works?

Phone Scheduler will host the data in our state-of-the art secured data center and you will use it as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. No software or hardware to install or maintain at your end. Your staff could access it from any computer using our web based administrative portal. You could access the booked appointments using any smart phones or tablets. Your customers can schedule their appointments any time (24/7) using any device – Phone, Online, iPhone, Android Phones, iPad, Tablet, Kiosks.

Staff Web-based Administrative Portal
Phone Scheduler offers web based administrative site for your staff to schedule the appointments, view reports, manage working hours, mark holidays and closed days, manage users etc. This site is protected by logins and role based user privileges. This site uses the latest technology in graphics, color coded icons and intuitive page layout designed by our usability experts, it is easier for your staff to navigate the pages with very little or no training.

Self-serve IVR Phone-based Appointment Scheduling
 Phone Scheduler offers state-of-the art IVR technology in allowing your customers to schedule their appointments any time using their phone. The software is designed by our usability experts that it offers easy to understand menus and quick navigation. We use high quality human recorded voice and offer in multiple languages. With few presses of the button, your customers can book the appointments within few minutes! We offer you with local area code phone number or Toll-free number so that your customers will not incur any phone charges to book the appointment. You may publish our phone number directly to your customers or simply transfer your phone lines to our phone number. Our system is capable of hundreds of concurrent phone calls, so therefore your customers will never get a busy tone.

Self-serve Online based Appointment Scheduling
 Phone Scheduler provides an URL which is typically added to your web site so that when your customers want to schedule their appointment, they go to your website and click a button or link which will open up our online scheduler web site. Our online scheduler is user friendly and easy to use and can be at accessed any time (24/7) by any computer. New patients can register using our online scheduler.


Self-serve Mobile Apps based Appointment Scheduling
 Phone Scheduler has developed mobile apps (iOS and Android) which can be downloaded from the App StoreTM or Google PlayTM which can be used to schedule their appointments. With the advent of smart phones, more and more people are increasingly using mobile apps. Both App StoreTM and Google PlayTM now boast having more than one million apps! Our mobile apps are user friendly and easy to navigate and involves only few clicks to book an appointment. Your customers can search for your business name or type in your unique client code which we will provide to you. Once they make their first appointment, your business name is automatically stored on their mobile phones and next time they do not need to search for your business or enter your client code again. These mobile apps are multi-lingual and available 24/7.

Self-serve Kiosks for walk-ins Appointment Scheduling
 Phone Scheduler can be used in kiosks setups so that your walk-in customers can schedule their appointments or new customers can complete their registration. Our customer registration mobile app can be customized to your needs and thus no need for your customers to fill a paper form and you will not need to re-enter this info on the computer. It saves your time as well as bring greater customer satisfaction. All this kiosk needs is Wi-Fi enabled or have a data plan to connect to the internet. No messy wires or software to install and is portable.